Going on a motorbike tour in Vietnam will surely bring you an amazing and challenging experience. But how to plan for a motorbike tour in Vietnam? Here are some tips to help you plan for an amazing motorbike tour in Vietnam.

1. Choose suitable destinations and itineraries: There are many beautiful destinations to visit in Vietnam, from the North to the South, from the Plateau to the mountains and forests. You need to choose a full and well-defined itinerary that can access your favorite destinations. 
2. Determine the cost of the trip: Before starting the trip, you need to calculate your full costs to avoid surprises during the trip. This includes food, water, accommodation, fuel, maintenance costs, etc.
3. Prepare necessary equipment: Going on a motorbike tour in Vietnam requires some equipment to keep you safe while driving, such as helmets, gloves, armor, etc. Safety and body protection equipment is important to minimize the risk of accidents.
4. Equip necessary items: In addition to safety equipment, you need to equip yourself with other items such as raincoat, uniform, jeans, long-sleeved sweater, food storage box, water bottle, good shoes, etc. Depending on your itinerary and chosen destination.
5. Determine the weather: Weather is also an important factor when planning for a motorbike tour in Vietnam. So, you need to check the weather before you start the trip and plan accordingly.
6. Learn about local culture: Vietnam has a diverse and rich cultural background. You need to learn about the local culture and religious habits to avoid cultural errors or make the locals uncomfortable.
Planning for a motorbike tour in Vietnam is a challenging experience. However, if you are one of those who wants to explore new areas of Vietnam, come to Vietnam Easy Riders Group, where we provide you with the best motorbike tour, Vietnamese customs and culture experiences. Let's explore the unexpected excitement on your motorbike tour with us.
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