Marvelous Marble Mountain in Danang, Vietnam

Marble Mountain is known as Ngu Hanh Son (Ngũ Hành Sơn) or Non Nuoc (Non Nước).


It's a group of five marble and limestone mountains, named after the five basic elements of life (according to Eastern philosophy): Kim Son (Mt. Metal), Moc Son (Mt. Plant), Thuy Son (Mt. Water), Hoa Son (Mt. Fire), and Tho Son (Mt. Soil).


It is located around 8km from the Danang City center to the southeast, and around 20km from Hoi An ancient town to the North.


The highlights of Marble Mountain are:

• It's good to climb to the Mountains to enjoy the panoramic Ocean and City Views.

• Buddhist Temples Inside Ancient Caves
• Towering Pagodas on Scenic Mountaintops



Getting up to the Marble Mountains:

Getting up the mountains has never been easier. There is now a space-age lift. But if you really want to get to grips with the mountains, there’s no better way than climbing the steps. Go at your own pace and take the time to check out the many tunnels, caves and grottos.

To explore every corner of all 5 mountains you will need take a full day. But if you have only a few hours, we recommend you visit the Thuy Son (Water Mountains) which has largest number of caves, temples, and pagodas. It has the highest peak, so it offers the best views. And it’s also the most developed with easy stairs, walkways, and a glass elevator to the main level.


Looking on the maps, we can see: There are two main gates, two big view points (Vong Giang Dai (No14) and Vong Hai Dai (No4)), a few pagodas (Chua Tam Ton (No12), Chua Tam Thai (No11) and Chua Linh Ung(No2)), and numerous caves (Dong Hoa Nghiem (No9), Dong Huyen Khong (No10), Dong Linh Nham (No6), Dong Van Thong (No5), and Tang Chon Cave(No3)) to explore.

Huyen Khong cave (Động Huyền Không)


This is the largest and most impressive cave. 


There are some TIPS when you visit the Marble Mountains:

- At the ticket booth you can buy a map and we will suggest you do that. You didn’t expect how large the area was and wandered around without a map. It is best to buy it (15,000 - 20,000 VND) to make sure that you will see everything.

- Don’t wear flip flops nor sandals. A pair of trainers will suffice. Take a bottle of water and a camera that is charged and has an empty SD card as there will be plenty of photo opportunities.

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